Project Risk Management Q&A

12 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Project Risk Management

Everybody knows how important risk management is on a project, but how often do we agree to track risks and then promptly forget about it?

Harry Hall provides 12 ways to get risks back under control:

  1. Lead by example.
  2. Focus on the risks that matter.
  3. Right-size risk management.
  4. Develop risk management habits.
  5. Identify risks early.
  6. Involve high-power/high-interest stakeholders.
  7. Be transparent.
  8. Capture risks in a consistent format.
  9. Evaluate whether the risk responses are effective.
  10. Engage risk owners.
  11. Make risks specific.
  12. Focus on the objectives.

Some projects are too big for one person to manage every risk. If that is the case, the project manager should recruit risk owners to take accountability for the risks which fall under their expertise. In the end, risk or no risk, every team member and stakeholder should be thinking about how their actions ultimately affect the achievement of project objectives.

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