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9 Secrets to Project Management Success

When all the pieces are in place, project management should be a pretty straightforward task. But the truth is that the pieces are seldom all in place, and assembly is almost always required. Jennifer Lonoff Schiff writes for CIO Asia about nine things to know about assembling the right project team and guiding it to success.

Assorted Secrets

  1. Ensure that you have full project details before starting.
  2. Have the right (and right-sized) project management team in place.
  3. Set expectations upfront.
  4. Be clear about deadlines and responsibilities.
  5. Don’t micromanage.
  6. Use a management system that everyone can interact with.
  7. Reward team members when milestones are reached.
  8. Hold short, regular project status meetings.
  9. Build in time for changes.

Before anything else occurs, you need to ensure the project is fully scoped out and agreed upon by stakeholders. Otherwise, you could take the project off-track before it has even begun. In team selection, you want to pick people whose skills fit the project requirements. The smaller you can make the team, the better, because too many people creates unwanted layers of additional complexity.

In order to keep management simple and streamlined, you need to use a method that all team members can access:

“Our team and clients are located across the country, which means we can’t share physical files,” explains Amy Driehorst, lead project manager, Weaving Influence, which connects authors to online audiences. So “we use a digital project management application that not only allows us to manage all aspects of the project through task lists, but also serves as an online filing cabinet housing all the documents associated with the project as well as a discussion board,” she explains. “The ability to [easily] add clients to the project allows for smooth communication and sharing of information.”

For elaboration on the rest of the tips above, you can read the full article here:

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