30 Project Management Tips


For those who need a quick mind-jog of what constitutes good project management, the following list should do nicely. Troy Blake, in his SQL Server Blog, hits all the important aspects of PM in this comprehensive breakdown.

1 – Planning

  • Cost Benefit and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Comprehensive but Flexible Plans
  • Defined Project Scope
  • Communicating the Overall Project
  • Engaging Stakeholders

Blake recommends using interviews and meetings to establish a consistent understanding of the project and to draw together stakeholders around a common goal.

2 – Team Prep

  • Choose Appropriate Team Members
  • Project Transparency with the Team
  • Coordinate Each Member
  • Provide ‘Wiggle-Room’ for Mistakes

Understand each team member and how their skills must be utilized in the overall project, keeping track of both strengths and weaknesses.

3 – The Project Cycle

  • Control the Project’s Scope
  • Assess Cost Objectively
  • Monitor Technical Output
  • Track Project Quality
  • Obtain Customer Feedback
  • Utilize Risk Management
  • Enable Team Communication
  • Ensure Resource Availability
  • Establish a Communications Plan
  • Communicate Employee Tasks
  • Use Status Reports
  • Be Decisive!

As Blake advises, one theme of the project cycle is to continually monitor quality and to test for errors accordingly:

Plan for the worst possible outcome and hope for the best possible outcome. Perform risk management with your team every week of the project.

Another important project cycle theme is communication; among employees, between employees and management, among stakeholders, and with customers.

4 – Success by Stages

  • Define the Project Start
  • Update Project Documents
  • Focus on Quality and Scope
  • Cancel if Necessary

The element of timing is important at every stage of the project.

5 – Project Conclusion

  • Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Learn from Mistakes
  • Compare Results with Expectations
  • Document the Project
  • Compare with Past Projects

A project that culminates in overwhelming customer satisfaction is a project worthy of praise. A project that falls short of expectations is a failure, but a fertile ground for improvement nonetheless.

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